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Hogman Scholarship

What is the Hogman Scholarship?

You might ask "What is a Hogman?"  Well, the Hogs, as we Stratford folk like to call them, are the unsung heroes who bust their butts in the trenches of the offensive and defensive line.  They are the ones who don't get their name in the paper.........or on TV. No team could be a great team without the "Hogs".   Here in Stratford, we believe in giving them some of the limelight, and thus, Coach Jim Hand brought what is the Hogman Scholarship.  It is a scholarship that is given to the hardest working, most dedicated senior lineman each year.  If you are an ex-lineman, you know that these young men work hard to protect the "skinny legs" behind them.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to donate to this great cause.

We would love to have your donations that are fully tax deductable.  

Send your check to:

Hogman Scholarship
C/O Happy State Bank
Box 1
Stratford, Texas 79084

or contact Corey Naugle @ 806-366-5557 or Roger Allen @ 806-753-7833

Thank you in advance for your contributions.